Why consumers choose oil pressure buffers?

The oil pressure buffer, in simple terms, is to smoothly decelerate the running object to achieve a soft cushioning effect. The oil pressure buffer does not collect energy to react or rebound, but to the greatest extent, effectively converts the energy absorption into heat energy and then distributes it to the air.

Today, hydraulic buffers have been widely used in various industries in the society, which greatly facilitates people’s lives. Only if it has the following 4 strong advantages, can it be welcomed by people.

1. Cylinder body with external thread of the buffer, which enlarges the heat dissipation area, and the device is more flexible and convenient;

2. Special treatment skills are selected for the appearance of the outer tube, so that it can form a solid fine layer and avoid rust. Conditions such as wear and tear;

3. The unique soft touch makes people feel comfortable and has the function of self-adjustment, forming a soft and stable cushioning effect.

4. Special disposal piston rod and special seals are used to prevent hydraulic oil from leaking out and to ensure the stable function of the buffer.

Hydraulic buffers have such powerful functions. To a certain extent, they can meet the various needs of consumers, improve production efficiency, earn greater profits for enterprises, and increase economic and social benefits of enterprises.

Post time: Jan-10-2020
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