What are the functions of the shock absorber?

In order to accelerate the attenuation of the vibration of the frame and the body, to improve the ride comfort (comfort) of the car,Shock absorbers are installed inside the suspension system of most cars.The shock absorption system of a car is composed of a spring and a shock absorber. The shock absorber is not used to support the weight of the body, but to suppress the shock of the spring rebound and absorb the impact of the road impact. The spring acts as a gentle shock and changes the “big energy one impact” into “small energy multiple impact”, and the shock absorber gradually reduces the “small energy multiple impact”. If you drive a broken car with a damper, you can experience the bounce of the car through every hole and after the undulation, and the damper is used to suppress this bounce. Without the damper, there is no way to control the rebound of the spring. When the car encounters a rough road, it will produce a serious bounce. When the car is bent, the tire grip and tracking loss will be caused by the shock of the spring.


Post time: Jun-03-2019
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