Solenoid valve structure principle, Zhuo Hui teach you how to maintain

Solenoid valves are used in electromagnetic control of industrial equipment, in the industrial control system to adjust the direction of the media, flow, speed and other parameters. For the characteristics of the solenoid valve, solenoid valve should be how to choose? In order to extend the life of the solenoid valve, how to maintain and maintain it? Zhuohui company as a professional solenoid valve manufacturers, for you to resolve the above problems. Solenoid valve works is very simple, solenoid valve is not powered, the valve needle under the action of the spring, the valve body gambling, the solenoid valve in the cut-off status. When the coil is connected to the power supply, the coil produces magnetic force, the valve heart to overcome the spring force to lift up, the valve channel is open, the solenoid valve is on.

Post time: Oct-31-2018
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