How to extend the life of hydraulic buffers?

In daily life, no matter what equipment is used for a long time, various faults will occur. To a large extent, not only the performance of various aspects of the product will decline, but also its service life will be shortened. The same is true of hydraulic buffers. After a long period of use, parts of the machine are prone to aging and falling off. Generally speaking, the surface is prone to thick dust when it is used for a long time. If it cannot be cleaned in time, it will be difficult to remove. So, how to properly clean the hydraulic conduit?

1. Before cleaning the hydraulic nozzle, the relevant power plug must be unplugged, and the cleaning can be performed only when the power supply is replaced. I believe everyone knows that as long as the contact point of the water source is prone to leakage and short circuit, the consequences are very serious, it is likely to cause a fire accident, cause major economic losses, and harm people’s physical health.

2. Remember that the hydraulic nozzle cannot be cleaned by sewage, first of all, there is a large amount of impurities in the sewage, the hydraulic pressure cannot be cleaned, and even the equipment will be polluted. It is best to wash with tap water or slightly clean water, and then wipe the hydraulic nozzle with a semi-wet, soft, clean towel.

In short, the correct cleaning of hydraulic pressure can effectively extend its replacement.

Post time: Dec-16-2019
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