Advantages of hydraulic shock absorbers

The hydraulic damper is a safety damper that decelerates and cushions the object acting on it until it stops, which will protect the moving object. Hydraulic shock absorbers are excellent in performance and are used in many industries and products, such as transportation, port machinery, elevators, metallurgy and other industries. Hydraulic shock absorbers have several distinct advantages as follows.

First of all, it takes up little space. The hydraulic damper is small in size and does not require a lot of space during operation, while other major buffers on the market take up a lot of space. Therefore, the hydraulic damper has an advantage in terms of volume compared to other dampers.

Second, the hydraulic buffer is very stable. The hydraulic damper has the same force in different time periods, which can be adjusted at the time of design. Because of this, the hydraulic buffer operates very smoothly and can effectively ensure the cushioning effect.

Finally, the raw material required for the hydraulic shock absorber is a liquid such as oil. The low cost of these materials greatly reduces the operating cost of the buffer. Hydraulic buffers have an advantage over other buffers in terms of operating costs. The above is the main advantage of the hydraulic buffer.

 Hydraulic Buffer

Post time: Apr-08-2019
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