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About ZhuoHui

Professional R & D na mmepụta nke ulo oru haịdrọlik echekwa na nkenke nnyefe

Dongguan Zhuohui Machinery Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. Was founded in 2007 and specializes in hydraulic shock absorbers & precise speed control devices. It has passed ISO 9001: 2015 certification, The products are widely used in such industries as Injection molding machine manipulator, feeding equipment, logistics conveying machinery, screen printing machine, pad printing machine, cylinder group, manipulator, handling machinery, automatic door, medical equipment, die-casting machinery, rodless cylinder, packaging machinery, working machinery, rubber and plastic Machinery, woodworking machinery, The airline industry, defense and military industry, teaching equipment, automobile manufacturing…We are an industry manufacturer and exporter specializing in durable and robustly built hydraulic shock absorbers & different types of precise speed control devices. We have always put in our best efforts in everything we do so that our clients remain satisfied with our products and services at all times.
OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer is a company that designs goods or products to be used as components by other companies in their products so that they can sell the finished items. We, a leading OEM company, have focused on developing high-end products to boost business-to-business sales of the clients. We are committed to create high-value partnerships with other companies and clients by providing them with a comprehensive product range.

With engineering, manufacturing and packaging capabilities combined with OEM’s market knowledge, we serve the customers across the globe. We have invested heavily in the infrastructural base and equipment required for manufacturing the best OEM solutions. Our strategic business model, excellent manufacturing facilities and a team of experts provide us the flexibility to be the best OEM partner. We offer the high-quality products with complete and round-the-clock technical support program to attain a holistic approach and meet the requirements of different market segments.

N'ihi na jụrụ ase banyere anyị na ngwaahịa ma ọ bụ pricelist, biko hapụ gị email ka anyị na anyị ga-enwe na aka n'ime 24 awa.

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