Why do I need to use oil pressure buffer?

Raise production efficiency

Extended mechanical life

Simplified mechanical design

Reduce maintenance costs

Reduce vibration noise.

Application scope of oil pressure buffer?

Manipulator, take out arm, screen printing machine, screen printing machine, feeding equipment, conveyor, electronic machinery, transport and moving machinery

Working machine, teaching equipment, food packaging machinery, laboratory, rubber and plastic machinery

Construction machinery, air traffic industry, woodworking machinery

Medical and health equipment, national defense and military equipment, automobile manufacturing, environmental protection equipment.

Function of oil pressure buffer?

Reduce noise, provide quiet environment

Eliminate shock and collision damage

Speed up the frequency of mechanical action, increase production capacity

Improve efficiency and create high quality products

Extend the life of machinery and reduce after-sales service.

What are the requirements for selecting the oil pressure buffer?

The total weight of moving objects

Direction of motion (horizontal, vertical, rotating, etc.).

Additional propulsion. (pneumatic cylinder, hydraulic cylinder, motor)

Instantaneous impact velocity

Number of shocks per minute

Number of installation on the same side.

Precautions for buffer installation and use?

Maintain the safety of the machine parts, prohibit the use after decomposition.

The use of ac.ad series must be stopped before the end of the stroke 1 mm, can cooperate with the positioning nut installation, accurate adjustment of the stroke and positioning role.

It is strictly prohibited to spray paint on the pipe teeth and shaft to avoid affecting the heat dissipation effect and oil leakage.

Install more than two buffers on the same side, please confirm the synchronization action.

14.. Please note that the strength and eccentric Angle of the fixed plate shall not be greater than 2

Selection of oil pressure buffer?


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